About Us

Homeowners in Washtenaw County and throughout Southeastern Michigan have entrusted their homes to our companies for more than 60 years. As a result, a legacy has been created within the community. Our founders, Herbert and Kurt Greaves, created, built, and sustained the largest residential roofing company in the country. Now they are handing down that experience to the next generation in the family business. Lucas and Karson have a dream to end poor workmanship in the roofing industry. At Roofman with Roofman we can help you nail down the best deal in town!

We Are Here To Help


Roofman is family owned! As a dependable, local business, we are like no other roofing company in town. The greatest source of our business is through referrals generated from satisfied customers, like you!

Our roofing specialists are the finest in the business. As a team, we have worked together for years and truly care about our clients and their families. Our motto is simple…Always treat the customer like family and get the job done right. Our highly skilled and motivated staff take pride in their work because they believe in the same things we do.

We are state licensed and fully insured, this means you and your home are protected from the beginning to the end of the project. All of our roofing specialists must pass the Roofman Expert Application Test, ensuring customers the quality work that they deserve.

At Roofman, we stand behind our work and products 100% for life! When you sign a contract with our company, you are getting a quality, lasting roof, for the lifetime of your structure.

Our Promise To You

Lifetime Guarantee

The Roofman proprietary roofing system includes: our specialty underlayment that includes a rubber membrane to protect exclusively from any water damage, at least 9 feet of ice guard to ward off winter ice dams and finally our SBS, class 4 hail rated rubber shingles. With generations of experience and decades of roof installations, we know and trust our system for the lifetime of the structure.

Family Owned & Operated

Family-owned businesses are the oldest form of business organization. Respect for the chain of command and for one another is essential for owners who work alongside their relatives. Family-owned and operated organizations include overlapping systems: the family and the business. Many times family gatherings become brainstorming sessions of how to improve the Roofman structure and streamline our operation so that we can be the best in this industry and excel for our clients. We truly love what we do and have for generations! Our family business has become well known in our local communities and we have loyal customers that know us and are assured that they can always reach us for personalized customer service.

Professionally Trained Staff

At Roofman we believe that staff training, from the office to sales and estimators as well as our field installers all require development and educational instruction. It is important for the success of Roofman to improve our employees skills specifically in regards to their job duties and learning to stay on top of advancing technologies, business, social and legal changes.

 Our Credentials

Happy Homeowners

Generations of Experience

Square Foot Roofing Product Warehouse

Sole Source & Large Warehouse

Roofman is your sole source roofing contractor, providing multiple benefits to the customer such as: reduction in product variation, reduced costs, and increased quality. Our trucks come from our warehouse loaded with all of the inventory for an entire job. Possessing our own centrally located warehouse allows us at Roofman to bank larger inventories so we can offer the highest quality of service to our customers and have the right products available at the right time. Our warehouse is located in the middle of our geographic customer base which allows us to remain focused on efficiently operating and storing all the inventory required for our Lifetime Roofing Systems and extend the economic benefit of warehousing onto our customers.

No High-Pressure Sales

A high pressure sales approach often makes potential clients uncomfortable. At Roofman we don’t believe in a high pressure sales pitch! We believe in our system and our goal is to educate our potential customers so they can see for themselves the advantage and quality when selecting our company for their roofing needs. We believe NOT in driving our potential clients into a buying decision but letting them reach their decision, after educating them, on their own.

Transparent Business Model

The actions of a single morally corrupt company have the power to paint an entire industry in a bad light, which oftentimes happens with roofing companies. It makes sense that we like both people AND companies who are transparent. At Roofman, it’s about being real to our customers, a real leader in the roofing industry, and a real company in the area where you live and work. Transparency produces trust. Who can trust a company that doesn’t disclose information, who doesn’t share anything? Our culture is transparent which builds trust and defeats corruption. Roofman is transparent about the price upfront and we do not offer sales tricks, gimmicks or hidden costs which forces our team to work smarter together. Transparency starts at the top, with the leadership of the business, so that we can offer our potential clients a quality job at a fair price.