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Expert Roofing Contractors Offering World-Class Residential Roof Replacement Services in Ann Arbor, MI & Communities throughout Southeast Michigan

Roofing Contractors Ann Arbor MIHaving invented and installed rubber shingles for over 3 decades, Roofman can show you hundreds of roofs in your area that are over 30 years old that look like they were installed yesterday. Roofman is the roofer that residents in Ann Arbor and communities throughout the southeast region of Michigan turn to when they want to replace their unsightly and leaky roof with a long-lasting new roof that can stand up to Mother Nature’s harshest weather. We offer special roofing systems made from proprietary rubberized components because, as a family-owned company with three generations of residential roof replacement experience, we know what it takes to provide a lasting solution. Every aspect of our roofing systems is engineered to keep water and debris out and prevent their damaging effects. With a new roof from Roofman, you’ll have generations of knowledge keeping you covered.

A new Roofman roof surpasses those offered by other roofing companies serving Ann Arbor, MI, and the surrounding area in terms of longevity and performance because of its proprietary components. The underlayment features three protective layers rather than the usual one, with the middle being a rubberized membrane that helps to provide excellent protection against water infiltration. Even without shingles installed, our proprietary underlayment alone will remain watertight for two years. Our roofing system also has nine feet of ice guard instead of the usual standard three feet offered by most roofing contractors to provide unmatched protection against the formation of ice dams. And, we use SBS rubber shingles, which boast a Class 4 impact rating – the industry’s highest rating for resistance against damage from storm-driven debris and hail – as well as the ability to withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

Roofman provides fast and reliable roof installation with highly trained and experienced roofing contractors, not jack-of-all-trades subcontractors. In fact, it takes our professionals just one day to perform roof replacement services in most instances, with precise workmanship and stellar service being delivered each and every time. If your home needs a new roof and you live in Ann Arbor, MI, or another community in southeast Michigan, don’t settle on some fly-by-night roofing company. Nail down a better deal with Roofman!

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Professional Roof Installation Services with Lifetime Roofing Systems Warranty Coverage Available for Residents in Ann Arbor, MI & All Southeast Michigan Communities

Founders Herbert and Kurt Greaves are responsible for building and creating the largest residential roofing company in America. They have passed their expertise and exceptional work ethic to the next generation to continue this tradition in the residential roofing industry. Lucas and Karson have a dream to put an end to poor workmanship in the roofing industry, and together, will carry on the family legacy of providing top-of-the-line roofing products and roof replacement and installation services through Roofman. At Roofman, we truly care about the needs of our customers. Our family has lived and worked in the Ann Arbor, MI, area for 80 years, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized service to all customers to ensure they’re completely satisfied.

If you would like to hire Roofman as your residential roofer, contact us today. Be sure to inquire about our excellent financing options that can help make paying for one of our proprietary roofing systems even easier. We proudly provide roof replacement services in Ann Arbor, MI, and communities throughout southeastern Michigan.

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Roofman is a family-owned and -operated residential roofing company that offers a proprietary roof system and professional, personalized service to all of its customers. Few roofing contractors serving Ann Arbor, Michigan and the surrounding communities measure up to Roofman’s pledge to provide exceptional, one-day roof replacement services using top-of-the-line labor and materials. With three generations of experience by the founders of the nations largest residential roofing company, Roofman is the company you can trust.