Roofman Really LOOKS at Your Roof

We Don’t Do Ladderless Estimates!

Roofman doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to providing you with the real cost of installing or replacing your roof. We get up on your roof and into your attic to look for any areas of concern, so there are never any surprises in your estimate. That’s why we can guarantee that you will always pay what we estimate, not any more, ever!

Beware of Online Estimators

Ballpark online pricing estimators are basically worthless. Even if you are accurate with the roof length, width, slope, difficulty, and materials needed for your roofing project, there are too many unknown factors involved. Only a professional, like those at Roofman, can accurately estimate installing or replacing a roof by taking into account different pitches, overhangs, porches, etc.

Drones are Cool, but Don’t Be Fooled

Be leery of companies that do ladderless estimates with a drone. Drones can provide a lot of information, but are not a replacement for an estimator carefully looking over your roof for any rotted wood or for any ventilation or mold issues in your attic.

You Deal with Us, Not a Commission Salesperson

At Roofman, we don’t have any commision sales staff and don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. Our estimators are the company owners and highly-trained staff that educate you about your roof and provide the most accurate estimate possible. We let you know what to expect from start to finish and stick to our original estimate, no matter what.

Serving Ann Arbor and Surrounding Towns

Located in Saline, our family has been actively involved in the Ann Arbor and surrounding communities such as Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Whitmore Lake, and Milan. We support events and groups in these communities and can stay actively involved knowing that we provide the best estimates in the industry and live up to our word. Providing quality roofing to our family, friends and neighbors and their family, friends and neighbors, is how we continue to grow and do business in the communities we serve.

On Time, When it is Convenient for You

We provide our estimates in a timely fashion. We will work with your schedule and be as efficient as possible when we’re on site. Scheduling an appointment with us isn’t like other home-service repair men, that require a long window of time when you nmailto: office@roofmanusa.comeed to be available for them to stop by. We’ll make an appointment and stick to it. We know your time is valuable and that it is a privilege to do business with you.

To contact us for a FREE estimate, please call us at (734) 662-3300, email us at, or use our website. We look forward to providing you with an accurate and timely estimate.

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