The Residential Roofing Experts to Call for a Roof Replacement for Your Ann Arbor, MI, Area Home – Roofman

Many residential roofing products available on the market for homeowners in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and surrounding communities are the same. Asphalt shingles are their only option, and they utilize tar paper for the underlayment, which doesn’t provide the most effective resistant against water infiltration. If you want a new roofing system that’s not just a mediocre roof that will provide mediocre benefits, Roofman is the residential roofing company for you.

The proprietary residential roofing system we offer and install can be found nowhere else in the Ann Arbor, MI, area. Everything about this roof is geared towards providing the best protection against the elements and has features such as:

  • An extra-long ice guard – Most roofs have the 3-foot ice guard required by coding laws. Ours boasts a 9-foot ice guard for unmatched protection against ice dams.
  • A triple-layer underlayment – Many residential roofing systems only have a single layer underlayment for water damage prevention. You’ll have three watertight rubberized layers with our roof that can resistant water infiltration on its own for two years without shingles.
  • Long-lasting shingles – You’ll have your choice of traditional asphalt shingles or SBS rubber shingles. Both can hold up well against severe weather, especially our SBS shingles. Their Class 4 impact rating means they have the industry’s best ability at resisting damage caused by wind-swept debris, hail, and torrential rains.

What’s more, your Roofman residential roofing system can be installed in just one day by our installation experts. They work exclusively for us and have more than 30 years of roofing experience, so you can look forward to a job well done. And should you ever need service afterwards, we’ll be there for you. Your investment in your home will be covered by our transferable lifetime materials and labor warranty for peace of mind.

Call Roofman today to schedule an inspection of your current roof and receive a guaranteed estimate for the roof replacement project of your Ann Arbor, MI, area home. We also offer financing options to make affording our residential roofing systems easier.