Clues that indicate your roof needs attention:

  • Age, typically anything older than 20 years is due for total replacement
  • Shingles that appear to be lifting
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Shingles with curled edges
  • Shingles that are smooth and appear darker than the rest
  • Small pinholes of light (visible from within a dark attic)
  • Soft or moist spots in the attic after a hard rain
Most companies lay down a bare minimum of protection. This is an important area to ensure that water penetration will not occur.
Roofman utilizes a 6 layer valley protection system for every single complete roof installation. We use only the very best practices and products, giving you an end result that you can trust in the end.
Flashing is a material made up of aluminum or copper. It is used over joints in roofing and wall construction to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage.
Felt was used as a release between two materials, wood and asphalt. There needs to be a barrier between the wood and the shingles.
The method used today is an underlayment, made up of polyethylene and rubberized asphalt. This material protects against water damage much more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Shingle manufacturers will not warranty the roof if the original layer is not removed.

Several factors go into determining the cost of your new roof.

  • Brand
  • Type of material
  • Shingle Grade
  • Entire size of roof
  • Shape of the roof
  • Slope of roof lines
Be sure to get a FREE estimate from Roofman, we give an accurate, fair, no obligation quote for Roof Replacements.
Professional roofing contractors are trained to safely and efficiently replace roofing systems. You can damage your roof by using improper techniques and could severely injure yourself if you were to fall.
Of course there are variables that affect all roofing projects, like whether or not there are multiple layers to remove and the weather conditions can also affect the timeline of the project.
However, Roofman specialists will typically finish a roof in just 1 day, 99.9% of the time!

Steps Involved in the Roofing Process:

  1. Property Protection – Tarping and building protective barriers around valuables
  2. Roof Removal – layer-by-layer
  3. Insulation and Ventilation Installation
  4. Underlayment Installation
  5. Shingle Installation
  6. Flashing and Finishing Touches
  7. Total Clean-up

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